What would you say, I do a graphic design service and outsource all the prints and it`s just a company that asks me for proof of payment. I can enjoy the new RUS?, Greetings. Hi Miguel, I see that you take the time to answer all the questions. I am currently working in payroll and would like to start importing products from China. Can I declare myself under the new RUS regulations and at the same time be on a company`s payroll? Are 2 things completely independent? Or does one influence the other? Thank you for your time Hello Miguel I would like to set up an import and sale company on the Internet, what I would like to know is if I could make unlimited imports with the new RUS taking into account that it would not exceed $ 2000 .. One question that is in the new rus is how many workers you can have and that certainly oblugas you give the dependent work, but I want to open a small fast food business and enjoy the benefits of RUS, I can use the new Rus, apart from the fact that I have to make a different statement, since my income will increase and annually maybe exceed 7 ITU It is true, The fine can relate to the closure of the establishment, the seizure of goods, the complaint of tax fraud, etc. THE new RUS is the perfect control system. Hello miguel good day, a question read the article, I am a dentist and I plan to have a concultorio of my career and also to set up a pharmacy, the question is, can I have these 2 companies in Rus, with the same Ruc? and in the case of sales and purchases, since I am a natural person, my personal purchases do not affect those of my company or would I also submit these purchases for declaration? as to the sales and purchase amounts that would occur if I sold 3000 and bought 4000? would pay on the basis of 4000? , sorry for asking a lot of questions, but I would like to know that I thank you very much in advance. Hello Miguel, I wanted to ask you if I am a company that is in the RMT and issues electronic receipts, for this year I will switch to the new Rus, I must continue to issue my electronic sales tickets or I can use the physical Dear Miguel, congratulate you for helping to clarify many doubts, I have the following, I do not find a legal basis that limits the minimum or maximum number of employees for taxpayers belonging to the new RUS, Could you please give us the legal basis. Thank you very much. Hello Miguel, I have a consultation I am a dependent worker in a transport company with an income of S / 2000 per month and I recently welcomed myself into the new Rus, I do not have operations or services as a natural person with business. Do I have to make the declaration? What is the procedure? Thank you in advance.

The determination on the presumed basis made under the tax rules has the following implications, except in cases where the presumption procedure involves a form of sales credit, income or presumed remuneration that is different: Miguel x favor I want q me guies: A friend will put 1 hairdresser and buy his belongings, will come out of new Rus and plan, 3 people on the payroll x put the moment, 2 of them are parents, I understand that hello how are you, I wanted to consult you, if I already have ruc 10 as a natural person without a company to issue ballots, should I use the new truth Rus? To welcome me to a natural person with such offers? A And if this replacement al.nuevo rus has a cost. Thanks for the answer in advance. Thank you in advance. Can I sell online (online shop) because I am from the new RUS and only issue tickets? If someone wants an invoice, can I visit them with the name of my other company, which is an RER, but ask them to add 18%? Thank you very much! Hello miguel I would like to know if I am in the new rus and in the first months I was in category 1 and exceed one month and go to category 2 and next month under the amount I can go down from the category or I continue in category 2 Hello, thank you for the answer; When I declare my new Rus on the Sunat page, the option to offset the RSI collections appears – there, I have to enter the RSI that I pay based on the purchases (tickets or invoices with my RUC) that I make in the month? Since then, I have put an amount to play this discount on the payment of 20 or 50 soles of the tax to be paid. Hello, thank you for taking the time to write the article, a request. What data do you recommend providing to the Chinese supplier to create the commercial invoice? My name, RUC number? I will import about 70 products from China, with new RUS, thank you. Very good, practical and simple, the little discussion about the word “accounting” seems useless to me, since at first glance I understood the message or approach you wanted to give it to help people keep an “accessible accounting” for the topics of the new Rus, I will know the news, and now I always keep the positive comments, Very good apple Hello Miguel, a question, I have a small clothing store and I want to know how to do it to be in RUS, is it enough to get a RUC for the company?, and it must be a new RUC or I can use my personal RUC? Dear friend, a quick question. If, as a natural person, I have a small hairdressing business and welcome the new RUS. Am I required by law to hire employees and pay them all their benefits? Hello Miguel thank you for the article, I wanted to make a request, I have a small cellar and I belong to the new first category RUS, ask for the printing of the ballots 03/06/2015 and just this year 2020 my checkbook is ready, please could I answer if there is a problem for this and whenever you should ask for the printing of the ballots, to exhibit in my store (RUS)? (ii) the new amount of cumulative gross income is higher than the maximum annual gross income ceiling authorised for that scheme, the item shall be included in the general scheme or in the MYPE tax scheme from the month in which it exceeded the abovementioned gross income ceiling, as referred to in Article 12, paragraph 12.1. Hello Miguel, I appreciate your attention, I am a payroll employee of a company, I do not earn more than 2000 soles, I want to start a business that will not exceed 8000 soles per month: 1.

Can I open a business with the new RUS? or Because I`m on the payroll (5th category) I can`t be in RUS? A child`s room, can you sign up for the new Rus? Hello, a request. I am in the new RUS, but in July I made a purchase of more than 8000 soles due to the campaign of 28, but selling menis of what I expected (S / 4000), how much would I have to pay? Since I am lost, is there an exemption from paying taxes since my purchases in August are less than S/2000 because I have enough goods? (REPORT NO. 007-2015-SUNAT/5D0000) If an EIRL providing medical services can benefit from the new RUS, the consultation would be: the clinic she worked for received a receipt for the fees, now they want an invoice (obviously not to prove the employment relationship), the company that wants the invoices must accept the sales tickets it would issue as EIRL If you can, However, it applies to new employees who participate from the time the application is submitted.